We offer a wide range of cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills and abilities that lead your team to effective and appropriate communication with people of other cultures.

You and your staff will gain new insight and intelligence for more success.

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Getting to Know Each Other

Understanding the company’s brand and culture, identify and define the processes.

We tailor the solutions for you which ensures they meet the unique business needs of our divers’ clients.

We will offer you a welcome drink in a pleasant atmosphere.


Impact of culture on international business decisions.

How biases based on gender, age, social class, occupation, appearance, etc. may equally influence behavior and communication outcomes, as they can constitute cultural barriers between individuals as well. 



The less one knows about the object, the more one uses stereotypical generalizations. We make personal and business decisions according to predefined standards .

We can achieve a good understanding of our foreign counterparts only if we realize that our “cultural spectacles” are coloring our view of them but we can change the lenses.

Humor in Business

Introduction of humor in international business talks may bring considerable gain in terms of breaking the ice, speeding up the discussion, escaping from deadlock, putting your partners at ease and winning their confidence in you as a human being, the downside risks are often just as great.

Different languages, different worlds, different humor!

Business Etiquette

A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation that is very much needed in the workplace.
Positive business ambience actually results in positive energy flowing into the workers’ mind and the workplace.

Business Functions Etiquette

What to talk about in the meeting, what better not to talk about, how to keep a conversation going and how to turn random encounters into a business relationship.
Tips to project a positive image during the meeting and how to make the most of the business functions.

Non- verbal Communication

Reading and interpreting non-verbal communication in business is a skill for more effective communication in the workplace.
How do we react when someone looks at the clock or unsteadily flips his feet, puts his head to the side or on his hands? What does it mean when someone touches his hair? It is not only your own body language that is important. Reading other people´s non-verbal cues can help improve your business and personal life.

Corporate Dress

Wrong dress policy has been known to cause decline in work productivity. As an increasing number of workplaces develop a more casual style of dressing, it becomes more difficult for the employee to know what is appropriate. Wearing the right clothes boosts your employees’ confidence and motivation as well as reminds them of the need to be productive. As a result, your business will experience growth in every aspect.

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