International Business Expert

My name is Yasmin Hedjri and I have 12 years of international working experience in large and medium-sized private and public companies in the Middle East, Asia, and the USA.

My educational, which includes degrees in management, communication, and certifications in intercultural training and international image and brand consulting, has led me to the insight that success requires recognizing rather than suppressing differences.

Outside of Being a Business Consultant

I always say that because of my curiosity I had had a chance to live and work in different parts of the world.
My international background empowers me with the ability to combine feeling, professionalism, international mind and work ethics. I would say, “I am Persian in my heart, Asian in my kitchen, German in my work ethic, and American by choice.”
Traveling the world consistently inspired, educated and broadened my horizon.
Beyond my job, I am interested in theater, opera as well as traveling and visiting interesting restaurants and historical places.

Because of my social commitment, which is very close to my heart, I have deemed it fit to give disadvantaged people a share in our success. Consequently, I would like to invest 3% of any proceeds in the Hope project I founded. The Hope project is aimed towards giving hope to needy people and providing concrete help where it is needed.

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