Global Success

At Refantastic, we believe the best way to ensure your project success is to address business and country cultural differences. Our approach involves the 3 Rs: 1) Recognizing cultural differences in societies and businesses, 2) Respecting differences, and 3) Reconciling differences.

Diversity Competence

We offer a wide range of cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills and abilities that lead your team to effective and appropriate communication with people of other cultures. You and your staff w

Country-specific cross-cultural competence

It is essential that company and individuals working in or with new countries understand the culture in order to be successful. We help companies to grow their business internationally by filling up t

Bridging gaps in Country and Businesses cultures

In order for your project to be successful we give our clients “country intelligence” by In order to be able to bridge the cultural gap we believe it is necessary to recognise, respect and reconcil...

Feel- Good Management

Feel-Good management is based on employee motivation, and creating a comfortable company culture. The goal is to inspire employees also encouraging them to not only enjoy their work, but to complete t...

After Brexit Support.

overcome challenges. 12th September 2019

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