Global Success

At Refantastic,we believe there are set of unwritten business and cultural rules, not being aware of them, not having the right toolbox can cause conflicts, misunderstanding as well as creating an invisible barrier to your career advancement.Our approach involves the 3 Rs: 1) Recognizing the differences in societies and businesses, 2) Respecting differences, and 3) Reconciling differences.

Essential Human Business Skills

Identify invisible challenges to your career advancement, build future business skills. The more robotic minds are in the marketplace, the more companies will want employees who don't think robotic...

Country-specific cross-cultural competence

It is essential that company and individuals working in or with new countries understand the culture in order to be successful. We help companies to grow their business internationally by filling up t...

Bridging gaps in Country and Businesses cultures

In order for your project to be successful we give our clients “country intelligence”. In order to be able to bridge the cultural gap we believe it is necessary to recognise, respect and reconcile ...

International Business Skills

Business skills for workplace success. It takes more than technical and learned skills to be successful in the field. You’ll need a variety of skills to succeed in a business role. What skills d...

Career Skills for Students

Increase your marketability!

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