It is essential that company and individuals working in or with new countries understand the culture in order to be successful. We help companies to grow their business internationally by filling up the gap in the visual, cultural , and communication aspects.

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Getting to Know Each Other

Understanding the company’s brand and culture, identify and define the processes.We tailor the solutions for you. All modules are individually designed in order to fulfil our divers clients’ needs and objectives.

Refantastic clients are large and medium-sized private and public companies in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

Discussion of workshop activities and your special wishes in a pleasant atmosphere.

International Ethics and Etiquette

International code of ethics  and etiquette will help business deals and negotiations flow smoother, more confident and increases the chances for companies to reach their goals.
we solve the typical challenges that professionals and companies face in their workplace.


Impact of culture on international business decisions.

How biases based on gender, age, social class, occupation, appearance, etc. may equally influence behavior and communication outcomes, as they can constitute cultural barriers between individuals as well. 

Country- Specific Business Culture

We will make you better equipped when faced with the challenges of intercultural business. Enabling you to work effectively and confidently in an ever-changing world.

Cultural Factors in Communication

You will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to work across borders and discover how to utilise cultural competence as a strength when dealing with cultural diversity.

Manners and Taboos

Whether you work abroad or interact with diverse colleagues, employees and clients at home.

Knowing underlying issues of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors can help you become more successful within a diverse society.


The Communication Gap

One of the factors leading to poor communication is often overlooked: Language is a tool of communication, delivering a message—but it is much more than that: it has strengths and weaknesses which project national character and even philosophy.

Non- Verbal Communication

Reading and interpreting non-verbal communication in business is a skill for more effective communication in the workplace.

How do we react when someone looks at the clock or unsteadily flips his feet, puts his head to the side or on his hands? What does it mean when someone touches his hair? It is not only your own body language that is important. Reading other people´s non-verbal cues can help improve your business and personal life.

Corporate Dress

Wrong dress policy has been known to cause decline in work productivity. Improving the appearance of all employees representing the company internationally and in public capacity.

The right dress as well as the color we wear actually influence a situation to help you get your way at work. The wrong shade, on the other hand, can detract from your message.

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